Department of Justice Spying on Doctors & Patients

Whistle blower is Dr. Sharon Levine, President, California Medical Board

California Department of Justice is Spying on Doctors & Patients

March 11 2013, before Joint session of California Senate and Assembly AND

Senate committee on Business and Professions

Chair:  Senator Curren Price (Moved to City Council of Los Angeles)

Vice Chair:  Senator Bill Emmerson (sudden Retirement)


Consequences for Dr. Levine

Although Dr. Levine, continues to serve on the Medical Board, soon after the presentation, she  was removed from the position of the President of the Medical Board. The situation reamains bitter between the Medical Board and the Department of Justice.


What is NOT in the Video

Two teams of private pharmaceutical companies are working in California Department of Justice one in Northern and one is Southern California. The representatives of those private companies were the first to have access to this database. Those private entities monitor whether doctors is pushing their recommended medicine to patients or doctors suffer consequences….  on their recommendations, Attorney general will conveniently revoke doctors’ license in the name of the California Medical Board.

Hon. Goofy For Healthcare:  First Dog Representing Doctors and Patients

More on Selective Regulation of Healthcare and Healthcare Professionals

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Human Rights Attorney Urges Present Obama to take Notice of Misconduct of California Medical Board



4 thoughts on “Department of Justice Spying on Doctors & Patients

  1. Baloney. CURES does no such spying. You can go to the DOJ website and see just exactly what information appears in a CURES report….it’s very basic information: names, address, names of prescriptions (Schedule II-IV only). It has no financial information, social security numbers, and no personal medical records.


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  3. “The ‘Department of Justice is spying on Doctors and Patients’ – if my reading of this is correct then the Department of Justice is ‘spying’ on doctors & patients to ascertain whether the health system is being ‘corrupted’ with private pharmaceutical companies in the California Department of Justice one in Northern and one is Southern California using the doctor/patient database to determine whether doctors are prescribing the drug products of those same companies. If this is what is in fact occurring then this is completely contrary to the ethical & moral standards which should pertain within the Health system. In fact this scenario is beyond all professional standards of the Justice department as well in my opinion – my hope is that my understanding from reading the article is incorrect, because otherwise the systems are corrupt in the extreme & are totally deplorable & leaves me wondering what perks the Justice department is getting out of it. ”


  4. Since good doctors can be good advocates of patients, those doctors have to be intimidated or eliminated from the Healthcare system. A Physician who complains Patient Harm or substandard service is likely to have his /her license revoked or threatened by California Medical Board. A Physician who complains illegal discrimination, Harassment, or any violation of civil rights, is likely to have her / his license revoked or threatened by California Medical Board…

    This is frustrating to observe that our system of Rule of Law continues to intimidate doctors and its patient population.


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