Secret Spying on Doctors Artfully labelled as “Operation Safe Medicine”

California Medical Board artfully labels it’s spying operations as “Operation Safe Medicine”.

Whistle blower is the President of the Medical Board, Dr. Sharon Levine who revealed spying on Doctors before California Senate (March 11, 2013 at Sunset Review of the Medical Board).

California Medical Board continues to extend its spying operations on Doctors. The goal is to intimidate good doctors and compromise patient care by exposing them to corporate Greed. The Medical Board usually artfully label it’s spying operations to make it appear lawful, for example “Operation Safe Medicine” and “Protection of public” etc.

California Treats Doctors as Criminals

Since doctors save lives they must be treated as criminals. California Medical Board employs armed Police officers and artfully labels them as “Investigators”. California Legislature gave them the title of “Peace Officers” to enable them carry their guns to Doctors’ offices.

The Investigators of the Medical Board have no Medical Education or knowledge, whatsoever. They are mostly ex-police officers who are expert in intimidating criminals and medical board uses ‘their expertise’ to intimidate doctors.

Discipline of Doctors v Discipline of Police

One would hardly find an example where a police officer is disciplined for ill-treating or even killing a person and yet there are uncountable example of innocent physicians who lost their carriers for saving lives… California’s preferences are quite obvious, aren’t they…

Protection of Public or Violation of Rights???

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